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Dictionnaire anglais francais de la sante medicale (English and French Medical Dictionary) (French Edition) [Rene Meertens] on *FREE* shipping.
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Full review 3 pages available for download by subscribers. Meanwhile thousands of patients suffered serious, sometimes fatal, adverse effects.

Subscribe now Enjoy access to subscriber-only content available on our website, including every article published in Prescrire International since Sitemap Terms of use Contact Top of page. Prescrire Your change of address has been received and will be processed promptly but will not appear instantaneously. Prescrire Your message has been sent. Sign up here. Free Special Edition. Advancing healthcare policy. Angelman syndrome French : Angelman, syndrome de Angelman and Prader Willi syndromes are examples of syndromes related to parental imprinting.

Both syndromes include mental retardation and clinical anomalies. They are due to the loss of a segment of chromosome 15 located in the proximal region of the long arm, 15q11q Depending on the parental origin of chromosome 15 and the exact location of the chromosomal anomaly, two different syndromes are identified. Annealing French : annelage Hybridization of a synthetic oligonucleotide to a single strand nucleic acid. It is how a specific nucleotide sequence can be identified. Anophtalmia French : anophtalmie Congenital absence of eye. Antibody French : anticorps A specific substance produced by man, and animal, as a reaction to the presence of an antigen.

Anticipation French : anticipation Phenomenon in which the severity of the condition seems to increase or occur at an earlier age in subsequent generations. French : anticodon Group of three nucleotides located at one end of the transfer tRNA and by which it adapts, to the corresponding codon of the messenger mRNA, to fix the amino acid it carries. French : brin anti-sens Nucleic acid that has a sequence exactly opposite to a mRNA molecule made by the body; it binds to the mRNA molecule to prevent a protein from being made. Arachnodactyly French : arachnodactylie Long and thin finger s.

Each primary clone can be identified by the identity of the plate and the clone location row and column on that plate. Arrayed libraries of clones can be used for many applications, including screening for a specific gene or genomic region of interest as well as for physical mapping. Information gathered on individual clones from various genetic linkage and physical map analyses is entered into a relational database and used to construct physical and genetic linkage maps simultaneously; clone identifiers serve to interrelate the multilevel maps.

Ascites French : ascite Accumulation of fluid in the abdominal cavity. It leads to two daughter cells that have a different and abnormal number of chromosomes. Lymphoma and leukemia are often observed as complications of this syndrome. Cellular clones are identified that have chromosomal anomalies involving chromosomes 7 and There is deficiency in repair of lesions induced by ionizing radiations.

Synthesis of RNA may be terminated at this site. Autolog graft French : autogreffe Cell or tissue graft derived from it own body. Autoradiography French : autoradiographie A technique that uses X- ray film to visualize radioactively labelled molecules or fragments of molecules; used in analyzing length and number of DNA fragments after they are separated by gel electrophoresis. Autosome French : autosome A chromosome not involved in sex determination.

The diploid human genome consists of 46 chromosomes, 22 pairs of autosomes, and 1 pair of sex chromosomes : the X and Y chromosomes. Auxotrophic French : auxotrophie Requiring a growth factor that is not required by the parental or prototype strain; may refer to microorganisms. Based on the naturally occurring F-factor plasmid found in the bacterium Escherichia coli. Banding , see chromosome banding. Barr body French : corpuscule de Barr , see sex chromatin. Base pair French : paire de bases Two nitrogenous bases, adenine and thymine or guanine and cytosine, held together by weak bonds.

Two strands of DNA are held together in the shape of a double helix by the bonds between base pairs. Base pairing French : appariement de bases The pairing of nitrogenous bases in the polynucleotide chains by nitrogen bonds in a specific manner. Base pair substitution French : substitution d'une paire de bases A class of lesions in DNA molecules which can give rise to gene mutations. They consist of transitions which preserve the purine-pyrimidine axis, and of transversions which reverse it.

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This ratio is constant within a species but varies between species. Base triplets, triplet code, codon French : triplets de bases A sequence of 3 nucleotides comprising a codon of a nucleic acid and representing the code for an amino acid. Beckwith Wiedeman, syndrome French : syndrome de Beckwith Wiedeman Malformation syndrome characterized by a macroglossia, omphalocele and macrosomia.

This is an example of a syndrome due to the phenomenon of parental imprinting. The gene is localized at 11p Biotechnology French : biotechnologie A set of biological techniques developed through basic research and now applied to research and product development. In particular, the use by industry of recombinant DNA, cell fusion, and new bioprocessing techniques. French : bivalent A part of homologous chromosomes in association as seen at metaphase of the first meiotic division.

Brachyphalangy French : brachyphalangie Short phalanx. Mutated forms of these genes are believed to be responsible for about half the cases of inherited breast cancer, especially those that occur in younger women. Both are tumour suppressor genes. Brushfield spots French : taches de Brushfield Presence of white speckles on the iris, a phenomenon commonly seen in Down syndrome.

It lies about 40 base pairs upstream from the TATA box. This region controls the frequency of initiation by RNA polymerase.

Canthus French : canthus Inner and outer corners of the eyes. CAT assay French : CAT, essai Reporter gene assay used to measure activity of a promoter under different conditions, such as to define elements of a promoter or to study signals that activates an intact promoter.

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Cell colony French : colonie cellulaire Group of cells derived from the same initial cell. A system composed of subcellular fractions and cell-free extracts, but devoid of intact cells. Cell sorter French : trieur de cellules Apparatus that allows to sort different cell types or particles.

Cell strain French : souche cellulaire A population of animal cells that develops from a primary culture by reseeding serially; the characteristics of the parent cell are retained in culture. French : cycle cellulaire One can distinguish 4 successive phases in a somatic cell life : mitosis, G1 phase, S phase of DNA replication and phase G2. Phases G1, S and G2 are found in interphase. Centimorgan, cM French : cM centimorgan A unit of measure of recombination frequency.

In human beings, 1 centimorgan is equivalent, on average, to 1 million base pairs. Centric fusion French : fusion centrique Fusion of chromosomes at the level of the centromere. Chiasma French : chiasma Exchange sites between chromatids observed in prophase of meiosis 1 subsequent to crossing over.

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Chimera French : chimera An organism that contains cells or tissues with a different phenotype. These can be mutated cells of the host organism or cells from a different organism or species. Fetal tissue is withdrawn from the villus area of the chorion either trans uterine cervix or trans abdominal under ultrasonic guidance. Chromatid French : chromatide A duplicated chromosome is formed by two longitudinal units or chromatids joined at the centromeric region.

A chromosome is formed by two sister chromatids. Each chromatid is made of a long DNA strand unique and identical to the sister chromatid but different from the homologue chromosome originating from the other parent. Chromatid exchange , see: crossing over. Chromatin is visible during interphase. Chromosomal anomaly French : anomalie chromosomique A chromosome anomaly can be constitutional, acquired, homogenous, mosaic, numerical, structural.

Chromosomal condensation French : condensation chromosomique Induction of chromosomal condensation in an interphase nucleus by fusion with a cell in mitosis. Condense chromosomes in S phase appear pulverized. French : chromosome The self- replicating genetic structures of cells containing the cellular DNA that bears in its nucleotide sequence the linear array of genes. In prokaryotes, chromosomal DNA is circular, and the entire genome is carried on one chromosome. Eukaryotic genomes consist of a number of chromosomes whose DNA is associated with different kinds of proteins.

Chromosome banding French : bande chromosomique Chromosome regions identified by specific stains. Chromosome jumping French : saut chromosomique Methods for obtaining at a considerable distance from an initial cloned fragment without the need for overlapping clones of DNA regions between the two sites.

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Chromosome puff French : puff chromosomique An enlarged region along a polytene chromosome, the site of active transcription. Chromosome set French : haplome See genome. Chromosome walking French : marche le long d'un chromosome Sequential isolation of molecular clones in order to span large intervals on the chromosome. Cis-trans position effect French : effet de position cis-trans Terms cis and trans describe the gene position on homologue chromosomes in double heterozygote individuals.

When two alleles are located near each other on the same chromosome,they are in cis position.