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Three plays that confront environmental issues from an adult as well as a child's perspective are featured in "EcoTheater for the Global Village," recently.
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Dubai’s Global Village begins new season

We had our first initiatives to concretely support ourselves in sustainable food-production through the creation of an official register of organic food products and seeds of good heritage that can be reproduced in each territory and from there inter-exchanged, bartered, and sold between our groups. The network is also discussing how to actively manifest the defense of natural and human patrimony in terms of political and social ecology, using available communication tools.

Our open agenda spaces were filled with thematic conversations that enriched us, especially the theme of hosting volunteers, in which we shared perspectives on our responsibilities in terms of what we give and what we receive; topics very profound for our projects which we hope to continue exploring and sharing in concrete forms with all the other networks.

  • "The fork is the most powerful tool to change the planet.".
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We shared experiences, knowledge, wisdom, and promoted our sustainable lifestyles. Donating funds to GEN is a tangible way to contribute to this concrete and dynamic movement for positive change. Your donation helps to support and to spread ecovillages around the world.

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Volunteering supports the network while forming valuable connections, meeting incredible people, and contributing to a positive future. There are many ways you can support GEN with your time and energy.

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The Global Ecovillage Network envisions a world of empowered people and communities, designing pathways to a sustainable future, while building bridges of hope and international solidarity. As a solution-based, multi-stakeholder alliance, GEN provides information, tools, examples, and representation to the expanding global network dedicated to demonstrating principles and practices of sustainability in their lifestyles and communities. Placeholder account for general content from GEN. He also reflects in View Product.

EcoTheater for the Global Village

Altered Visions. America has been a fortunate land, as Will Rogers noted. If we needed to build If we needed to build a house, there was all the wood at hand; if we wanted coal or iron, there was aplenty for the scratching, or if we sought For Better or Worse!

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At present he lives in Midrand, Johannesburg, in the Gauteng Province. Even at the highest business-to-business levels, people still buy from people.

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But, people have different personalities and approaching them as though Globalization for All. George Vojta has been involved with Global Finance and development for 50 years. He held He has served on 40 Boards of Directors, served as a Regulator of Banks, and How To Be A Model.

How To Be A Model is a helpful guide book for kids and teens that How To Be A Model is a helpful guide book for kids and teens that are interested in modeling. They will get tips on fashion, photo shoots, helpful websites and much more This book also includes a do-it-yourself section where you Inside Looking Out.

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