Manual How to Achieve Total Enlightenment: A Practical Guide to the Meaning of Life

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How to Achieve Total Enlightenment: A Practical Guide to the Meaning of Life [​Sam Martin] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. How to.
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I teach a two-step path of awakening. The first step involves learning the art of being present. The second involves becoming a master of your mind and ego. Both steps are necessary for true awakening. When you are present, you come out of the past and future world of the mind and so you are free of the limitations of the past and anxiety about the future. They simply disappear because the present moment is free of the past and future. As you deepen into presence, you will experience a completely different dimension of yourself and of life. You will discover that when you are present, you are loved, you are accepting and you are compassion.

You are empowered from within and you exist in the realization of oneness. All these qualities of presence flow into your day to day life and relationships. You are free to be all that you are and you are no longer concerned with the judgments, opinions, and expectations of others.

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Your life is gradually transformed and you are not doing anything other than becoming more and more present. As you deepen into presence, all your problems disappear. Whatever you have previously regarded as a problem or difficult time in your life is now seen as an opportunity for awakening. In the present moment, there are no problems, just situations to respond to and if you respond from presence, then your response is always conscious, empowered and appropriate.

At the deeper levels of presence, heaven on earth is revealed. You might even encounter the living presence of God in all things present, but this will be something that you experience for yourself and not something that you believe in. The first is to come into right relationship with the ego.

What is the ego? What is its role in your life? Why does it resist your being present, and how can you overcome its resistance? The answers to these questions will radically change your life. The second key is to free yourself from judgment. To the extent that you judge yourself or others, you cannot be present. Judgment imprisons you in separation. With judgment, you hurt yourself and you hurt others. As you transcend judgment, you will open into an entirely new level of love and acceptance.

The third key is to liberate the feelings repressed within you from the past. Otherwise, there will always be someone or something that will trigger those repressed feelings.

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Then you are caught in the past which you project onto the present. You will have to learn how to express those repressed emotions in a conscious and responsible way and in a way that releases those emotions. The fourth suggestion is to bring awareness to how you lose yourself in others. If you are seeking love, acceptance or approval from others, then at a very subtle level you are losing yourself in others. The same is true if you are afraid of rejection or judgment. This is how you give away your power.

As you become more and more present, you will experience a much greater sense of the sacred in everyday life. You will experience what the great Masters and sages have been speaking of for many centuries. You will experience presence, love, truth, and oneness. You will be more spiritual, but more than that, you will be awake.

Leonard Jacobson is deeply committed to helping others break through to the joyous experience of living in the NOW. He has been teaching people how to be present for over 30 years. Try getting up a little earlier — before the day begins. Early morning is an optimal time for inner connection. Cherish this quiet moment of transition from sleep to activity.

As you sit comfortably, perhaps with a hot cup of tea, notice and connect to the flow of your breath to ground yourself in preparation for your daily duties. This can also be a time for prayer or meditation. Before you move forward with your day, pause to acknowledge and connect to the presence of the Divine within you. This is a place of stability from which you can extend yourself to others. In the evening, use the last quiet moments before sleep to once again connect to your breath and develop an awareness of a deeper inner reality.

Although challenging at first, attempt to observe yourself as you move through your day.

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Set an intention to pause throughout the day to observe your breath, actions, interactions with others, and your inner dialogue with yourself. This is especially helpful in moments of stress or difficulty. Instead of attaching to or judging your thoughts, simply notice them. Spend more time observing nature.

Look up as you walk outside. Find a spiritual path that resonates with you and then study and follow that path with full commitment. If you find this difficult, you can cultivate the intention to find your path and then be open to the possibilities.

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Read uplifting texts that support your path and increase your enthusiasm for your spiritual pursuits. Listen to beautiful music with a positive message. Seek out the company of like-minded people who have similar aspirations and cultivate connections and community.

Finding inspiration in your environment will enrich your experience and provide encouragement for your spiritual pursuits. Practicing yoga and meditation since and teaching since , Judy believes in the healing and transformative power of yoga and has experienced its benefits in her own life. She relies on the support of her own personal practice in her daily life as a teacher, wife and mother. Judy is a contributor to YogaInternational. Are you eager to become more spiritual? However, all my studies and learning have led me to realize that I do not need to become more spiritual.

I was not any less spiritual before I began reading and attending workshops.

How to Achieve Total Enlightenment a Practical Guide to the Meaning to Life

Nor am I more spiritual now. Spirit is forever present in every molecule of my physical, mental and emotional existence. With that understanding, I offer three tips that have helped me increase my awareness of Spirit in my everyday life.

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For most of us, our everyday lives are filled with activities. We run from one thing to another, barely noticing the simpler things of life surrounding us. Have you ever taken the time to just wonder about the caterpillar crawling up your sidewalk?

How to become an observer of your mind and liberate yourself from your ego

Whether you chose to formally meditate or simply take a walk in nature, the first key to increasing awareness is to make time to notice your environment, your feelings, and what you are thinking. Step back from the rolling chain of events in your life and come fully into the present moment.

Become aware of all it contains. In the present moment, Spirit reveals itself in the calm, peace and joy experienced there. Not one of us has escaped the ravages of self-doubt and many of us have wallowed in a form of self-hate that can be quite devastating. However, if Spirit is present in every molecule, then we are sacred beings. We were created by a loving creator and, though we may fall short of our own expectations of ourselves, our worth was established at creation.

Of course, it is natural to continually strive toward perfection. Yet, in truth, there is no perfection to be found here on Earth. The striving toward perfection is a beautiful process that urges us to grow and improve. We must cultivate self-acceptance and self-love in order to express the best of who we are. Without acceptance of our own gifts, we might not freely offer them to the world and, make no mistake, the world is in need of you! With the knowledge that our self-worth was established at creation, it is easier to reach out to others.

We can recognize Spirit as present in them as it is in us and know they are doing the best they can at their present level of awareness. So much of our interpersonal conflict can be eliminated through compassion.


Whoever you find it difficult to deal with — a parent, a spouse, a boss or a neighbor — needs love and acceptance as much as you do. If you can look past their actions, you might find underneath their actions an awkward call for connection. As I see it, we who are seeking to be more spiritual in our daily lives need merely to open our awareness to the love of our creator, which helps expand our self-love, and then generates our greater capacity to embrace others with compassion.

You are already a Spirit-filled human being, worthy to be loved and to love, who is seeking to deepen and widen your awareness of what is already true. I wish you godspeed on your journey! This may seem obvious to some, and not so obvious to others. It was not clear to me functionally, although I may have understood this conceptually, before my Conversations with God experience.

That is, I may have embraced this as a theory, but I did not know how to implement it as a practice in my day-to-day experience. Following my conversations with God, I remembered who I really am and why I am living in the realm of physicality upon the Earth.

These are not small rememberings, and so these lead me to my second tip for others: Do whatever you can, use whatever tool you can find a book, a workshop, an online program, a DVD, a membership in a church or group, or all of the above , to remind yourself of your true identity as an individuation of divinity , expressing through your humanity. The fastest way I know of, the most effective tool of which I am aware, with which to activate tip 2 is to give to another every experience you wish for yourself.