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My heart goes out to the whole country of France after these tragic events. The world is praying for all of you. Stay strong. I am not old enough to remember anything like this, so I cannot say that I know the pain the people of Paris and the French people as a whole are feeling.

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With the support of the whole world behind you, France you must realize that time will slow down at times and help will be needed to get it back up to speed. Paris stay strong, from the beginning till now. America will stand by you no matter the cause. Our hearts go out to everyone affected by the terrorist attacks in Paris.


In these hard times America stands with you. I am a French student and I send good luck and hope to Paris as these attacks continue. Just remember that the U. Stay strong France! America and the rest of the world will never forget this day, and because of it, we will all stand by you and give our support to you. Bless you all! Stay strong, America Supports you! I live in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

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The attacks were perpetrated by people with very tiny brains being gullible enough to believe a smooth talker who was selling hatred and evil. You cannot imagine the fury these attacks have caused in people here in the States. Know that the U. God bless you all. Best wishes for the beautiful city of Paris. My prayers and love are with France and her lovely people. May God bless France and protect her. America stands with you in the fight against evil. Le choc et la tristesse Je ne sais quoi dire. The attacks were truly devastating, but I know that no matter what, you shall all recover.

May le monde by Michel Jeury

Je Suis Paris. We are heart broken by the events that happened.

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  4. Please accept my heartfelt condolences during this tragic time. Je prie pour votre nation, et je vous souhaite la paix. Dear Paris, My heart goes out to you. I am so sorry for the loss of over people. I wish I was there to hug each and every one of the victim families, but alas, I can not. May God bless all souls. My deepest regards. I feel terrible about the terrorist attacks.

    ISIS will be shut down, will be destroyed. We are going to strive and fight back. God bless all of us. It is hard to sympathize with France as I never experienced something as harsh as they have encountered. My condolences are sent overseas to not just Paris, but all of France. A gun Sleek and smooth Opens its mouth Spits out the death of another Who knew the fate of a living being would depend on the heart of the soul behind the terror.

    One choice. The death of another. No amount of regret or sorrow can rewind the clock to the moments before.

    It could have been me, could have been us, but instead it was you. You suffered so we could learn, you perished so we could prepare. To those of you that had to witness what happened in Paris, my condolences to not only the families affect but also to the country as a whole. Those lives lost will not be in vain.

    You stood with us on our day of falling, now we shall stand with you. I know Obama has not made a decision to help, but as people we are with you. Just like every action they make they will receive a greater response. Dear Paris, My heart aches to hear the news. In so sorry that such innocent people have to face this tragedy. My prayers are with you. When I heard "The lights of the Eiffel Tower are now shut down.

    I pray for this crazy world. I pray for humanity. I pray for peace and lastly I pray for all of you innocent people. There are no words to explain the sorrow that is being felt for the tragedy in Paris. The raids were an attack on peace around the world and in no moment will that be forgotten. Dear Paris, We send you our condolences and we hope with all our hearts that it gets better for you guys. May the comfort of God help you during this difficult time. My thoughts and prayers are with the families who have been affected by this horrific act.

    Also I pray that the people who are responsible are brought to justice. I am deeply sorry for what happened to my lovely French people.

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    You will arise and shine and destroy our enemy once and for all. Dear France, Our hearts go out to you. What those people did was appalling, we pray for the families of the victims. The terrorist shot like the Paris citizens were like animals. Have faith and the people who died rest in peace. Dear Mr. Ambassador: Please accept my most heart-filled condolences for the losses that the French people have recently suffered.

    Over the centuries, the French and American peoples have been friends; I, an American, grieve for you, my French friends. As in past crises, the French people ultimately will prevail; and I hope that you will see us Americans as firmly standing by your side in getting through this difficulty. The tragedies that have forsaken your country are unacceptable and touch us all. Mere words cannot express the devastation that is felt both in France and world wide. It is heartbreaking to know that this is not over, however the strength of France is something that speaks to everyone, as individuals,as nations, as a world.

    We could all learn alot from France! Not only do you not let the heathens responsible for this get away, you have not turned your backs on the innocents out of fear or anger. And you continue to send a message to everyone that you will not only protect your own but open your hearts to others as well.

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    We all need to be more like France! Je suis Paris!!! We send our deepest condolences, thoughts, and prayers to everyone affected by these tragic events that happened on November 13, We all stand together to bring peace to the world.

    May our hopes and dreams win out over evil. Noussommesunis PaixetamourpourParis. Nous sommes en deuil avec vous. Nous sommes avoir avec vous toujours et nous sommes Paris. Vous avez rester forte pour Paris, et je vais prieres pour Paris. Dear Paris, The event that has occurred in such a beautiful city is terrifying. Paris has always felt like an escape into a different world, a world with no worries. It is such a tragedy that reality can break such a comforting feeling. I pray for all the victims and families who were affected. My aunt was in the stadium during the attacks, so this event is very personal for me.

    I sympathize with all of France, and that is what friends are for. I know the terrorist may scare you, but that is exactly what they want. No matter what, do not let it get to you. Do not let these people stop you from doing anything. You must live your life without fear, and come back from this event stronger than ever. I hope things settle down for you soon, and I will return to visit as soon as possible : I love you, Paris!