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With its unique role as the peak environmental body of the United Nations, UN of Multilateral Environmental Agreements (MEAs) and currently hosts 11 MEAs.
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Second, the procedures of policy coordination between ministries and agencies affected— also those indirectly affected — by the implementation must be enhanced. This establishes participation of the various interests and policy sectors which is required to enable the development of a coherent institutional and legal framework within which implementation can proceed. Third, the formal and informal incentive structures for desk officers need reforming— in both implementing agencies and national authorities.

Today, administrative success is normally measured in terms of the number and volume of projects and investments made, with little evaluation concerning the long-term sustainability or real outcome and impact of the projects.

The Role of Multilateral Environmental Agreements

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Key Multilateral Environmental Agreements | InforMEA

Assessment of the impact of climate change and mining activities on streamflow and selected metals loading in the Chindwin River, Myanmar. Disagreement remains over the extent to which the issue of trade should be dealt with by a future POPs convention. Some countries state that trade in banned substances could be managed by other international agreements such as the Basel Convention and the Prior Informed Consent PIC Convention.


Others argue that existing treaties may not adequately deal with POPs, and that a future convention requires strong trade measures since POPs travel across borders and over long distances, and do not break down naturally. Negotiators failed to complete the draft Protocol on Liability and Compensation for damage resulting from transboundary movements of hazardous wastes and their disposal when they met for the eighth time on the subject from January They now hope to finish the talks at a meeting tentatively scheduled towards the end of April in New Delhi, India.

Talks on the Protocol have been underway nearly six years, and the treaty was originally to have been adopted at the fourth Basel Convention Conference of the Parties held a year ago in Kuching, Malaysia.

Multilateral Environmental Agreements

Negotiators now aim to adopt the Protocol at the next Conference of the Parties, which will take place in Basel next December. Major hurdles remain to be resolved before that, however, leading many to doubt the text will be ready for adoption by late this year. Among difficulties is finding consensus on a text that would override national waste treatment liability laws.

Industrialised and developing countries are also split on setting up an international trust fund that would pay for clean-up and other costs in cases where liability cannot be established. Establishing the chain of responsibility and insurance coverage is also difficult, particularly in case of illegal shipments. These might involve falsely labelled exports or hazardous wastes dumped without the knowledge of recipient country authorities.

The Basel Liability Protocol would be the first legal instrument to deal with liability and compensation ever adopted under an environmental treaty.

International environmental agreement

Calls for similar instruments have been made in the context of the Rotterdam Convention on Prior Informed Consent for Hazardous Chemicals and Pesticides in International Trade, as well as the Biosafety Convention negotiations, but neither is likely to actually establish a liability regime in the near future. The meeting was held in Rome from February. The Action Plan will provide a first step in addressing over-capacity of the world's fishing fleet, which is generally agreed to be the main reason for declining fish stocks worldwide: there simply are too many boats chasing too few fish.

The FAO has recommended a 30 percent reduction in the capacity of the global fishing fleet to allow fish stocks to recover and keep catches at a sustainable level thereafter. Greenpeace has called for halving the global commercial fishing fleet by The non-binding FAO agreement requires members to assess their fishing fleet capacity, maintain national records of their vessels, develop national capacity management plans and - most importantly - gradually eliminate subsidies that contribute to over- capacity in the fisheries sector.

OECD countries and China are thought to count for 75 percent of these subsidies. Measures required by the Action Plan should be in place preferably by , and by at the latest, but the plan's success will depend on how seriously governments will implement their commitments. Assessing and reducing over-capacity will be particularly difficult for developing countries, many of which are poised to expand their fisheries sectors.

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Overview News archive Issue archive About. Multilateral Environmental Agreements. WT O Compatibility and LMO Labelling Living modified organisms, such as genetically modified crop seeds, could threaten biological diversity by overwhelming native species through cross-pollination. Liability Provisions Unlikely As there are no multilateral rules on trade or other movements of genetically modified organisms, and most developing countries lack legislation and enforcement capacity in the area, it is easy to see the attraction of an internationally-binding treaty that would offer broad protection to both the environment and human health in countries faced with the many uncertainties associated with modern biotechnology.

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