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Best experiences in implementing and use of performance measurement systems. Maris Martinsons. Different countries and companies with different national and corporate cultures, respectively, will prefer to implement and benefit from different types of performance management systems.

Specific to the balanced scorecard BSC , more companies in the United States than anywhere else have implemented them. My own international research revealed that the American and German cultures are both well suited to BSC implementation. Dec 10, This time, Performance measurement is considered to be a means to bring organization excellence among others. Therefore, would you suggest me the best manufacturing company which implemented CPMS and can be used as a benchmark for future adoption?

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Igor Gurkov. Dec 12, Bayer, Solvay are good examples. What new dimensions could be added in Balanced Scorecard for measuring performance? Jan 25, Dhani Shanker Chaubey. Jan 26, Dear Devkant. Dear Colleagues! Could you please point out any worthy sources on costs and benefits of implementation of operational excellence?

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I am a student in management studying implementation of operational excellence in manufacturing. Would you be so kind to indicate case studies, academic journal articles or other sources which could clarify costs and potential drawbacks of implementing OpEx and what benefits it could bring quality, reliability, safety improvements, etc. Many thanks in advance! For operational excellence in manufacturing, some of the strategies such as lean, green, six sigma, value stream mapping, JIT, TQM tools and techniques will be required. How can we measure the Quality of strategic Decision?

May 10, How can we measure the quality of a strategic decision and what are the dimensions of the measurement. What is the method to find a research gap of corporate governance and firm performance? Sep 6, I want to do research on corporate governance and firm performance. In this regard, I want to find a new dimension. Does any one have any idea about it? Marc Cowling. Sep 7, Dear Mohammad. It is hard to find significant new gaps, so can I suggest that you focus on a unique economic circumstances such as a Global Financial Crisis or b a country which has not been studied before.

Then compare your results with those from a a period of economic calm or b countries that have been studied before. Hope this helps? Cheers, Marc. What is the proper variable to evaluate board performance?

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Jun 5, We have often read papers where the board has been evaluated via firm performance. I am curious to know what are the other measurement that can be gauged to evaluate the board. Olivier Serrat. Jun 8, The article notes the focus that is being brought to bear on the core competencies of directors and their induction into an organization; it also mentions evaluations of board performance.

Article A Primer on Corporate Governance. Jun 23, Is there a standard for measuring the quality of strategic decision? Some recommend using a balanced scores card. I am looking for a new way to measure. Steven Cofrancesco. Jun 27, Although the essentially undisputed purpose of strategy is to achieve the org's mission, I do not know of any works that attempt to measure this, unfortunately. Perhaps yours will be the first?! Good luck,.

Operational effectiveness and business strategy. Which is more important?

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Jul 3, Operational effectiveness-performing a job with in best possible manner. Strategy-Way to achieve set objectives. Which is more is important for success? Kenneth Lui-ming Ngie.

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Jul 4, What is strategic plan? Jul 22, In the meantime, we wanted to share experiences from organizations that might have long years experience in this regard. Please share us your views about what practically Strategic plan means for Higher Education Institutions. Thanks a lot in advance. Aisha Sarwar. Jul 24, The importance of innovation among Non-Profit Organization. Jul 26, What will be the significance of innovation i.

How innovation will be importance for NPO compare to profit based organization. Share your views. Thomas S. Jul 27, The social and environmental problems that we face are complex. Governments lack the political will and resources to address them and businesses will only act if they see a market opportunity. As a result, NPOs must play a larger role in addressing these problems. This includes the creativity to invent new solutions and the entrepreneurial skill to bring these solutions to the markets that need them innovation. This will require that NPOs think and act more like entrepreneurs, which highlights the importance of social entrepreneurship and the need to be able to assess and develop entrepreneurship skills within NPOs.

What is the relationship between corporate social responsibility and firm performance? Aug 31, In theory and likely practice , corporate social responsibility CSR boosts value and profitability; conduces capital inflows from more varied sources; helps attract, motivate, and retain personnel; enhances customer relations; facilitates relations with regulatory authorities; generates clean and renewable energy from environment-focused CSR ; and improves company reputation.

The benefits from CSR will be interlinked, if not mutually reinforcing. In theory and likely practice , some cons are that CSR shifts companies away from their profit-making objective, which some such as Milton Friedman see as the main obligation towards shareholders; exacerbates the costs of production which fall disproportionately on small businesses , at least in the short term; can create shareholder resistance; may impact company reputation if unpalatable shortcomings must be disclosed; may strain customer conviction if instant results are not obvious; and can promote greenwashing.

One might note there are four types of CSR, e.

All in all, however, it would appear that environmentally- and socially-responsible companies are becoming the choice of consumers, as our societies and economies battle increasingly complex and interrelated global, regional, national, and local challenges. Measures for innovation performance in service sector? How to measure innovation performance in services sector?

Kindly share models and measures other than of Schumpeter's. Thank you all!

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Oct 25, Gopikrishna Nidigonda added an interesting article containing definition that in my view does not represent general innovation as it is or should be understood:. An innovation is the implementation of a new or significantly improved product good or service , or process, a new marketing method, or a new organisational method in business practices, workplace organization or external relations.

Problem with this definition is its ability to encompass zero-sum innovations and innovations with negative societal impact. A product service, etc. Examples of such innovations are performance misrepresentations recent Germany's "clean" diesel cars - new marketing method. Innovation must fulfill either exergetic efficiency improvement or productivity improvement or both measured on the level of society. Otherwise "innovation" might be used to distort the free market and be used to accumulate market share with unallowable methods. Instrument Scale which can be adopted in a Survey to measure "Effectiveness" of Workshop which communicates firm's objectives to employees?

Nov 22, Hi Can somebody suggest the instrument scale which can be adopted to measure the effectiveness of the workshop. I am conducting a workshop for employees operational managers to senior management which involves communicating the strategic objectives of the firm to employees and further used to derive the KPI.

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Regards, Nilesh How to measure corporate social responsibility index? Dec 4, In the Indian context, how to measure corporate social responsbility index of the companies based on the secondary data avaiable. Esteban Lafuente. Dec 5, I agree with previous answers in that CRS is a multidimensional construct and index numbers are needed to measure it.

This database mostly helps measuring the concept of Corporate Social Performance strictly linked to CRS , and this source of information has been used by, among others:. Cheng, B. Corporate social responsibility and access to finance.